Designers and Manufacturers of Gas Turbine Engines

Engine Development

Ideally suited for an advanced subsonic aerial target or missile solution, and producing 350 pounds of high-speed static thrust, the engine will be capable of propelling an unmanned aerial system beyond Mach 0.9.

Kutrieb Research is taking an exciting new step.  We’re in development of a “clean-sheet”, next-generation engine.

“X-Engine” entails a greatly reduced parts count, which results in much lower manufacturing, assembly, acquisition and maintenance costs.  For example, the design employs an advanced, four-stage compressor that contains only five parts.   Utilizing ultra modern machining technology, a three-stage axially bladed rotor is machined from a single billet of titanium.  The compressors bladed IGV (inlet guide vane) and 3 stator blade rows are cast as two halves.  In other words, rather than employing four individual, bladed stator rows, X-engine entails a clam shell stator consisting of only two parts.  ”X-Engine’s” design aim is to greatly reduce cost, while providing industry leading power density and fuel specifics. Modern component aerodynamic design, along with the application  of today’s latest super alloys, assures high performance and light overall weight.

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Image Gallery

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Dynamic Balancing
Diffuser with Main Engine Shaft & Turbine Drive Spline

Four-stage, mixed-flow compressor and diffuser
Investment wax pattern of integrally bladed stator case
Shell build of high pressure bladed nozzle ring
Super alloy nozzle ring with metal spun combustor dome
EDM die sink of turbine drive shaft spline