Designers and Manufacturers of Gas Turbine Engines

Company Background

Kutrieb Research™ is a family-owned company located in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Kutrieb Research™ is a family-owned company located in Northwestern Wisconsin.  We’re a spin-off of Turbine Technologies, Ltd. and our sole mission is to design and manufacture small, advanced gas turbine engines.

During the mid-1980’s, our first proof-of-concept engine was delivered to the U.S. Army for evaluation under the LOCAAPS and FOG-M programs*.  That initial prototype (the miniature SR30 turbojet engine) evolved and found commercial success as the primary component of an educational device.  The SR30 now supports the educational efforts of hundreds of engineering colleges worldwide and provides affordable opportunities in related fields of gas turbine research (see representative technical papers below).

Beginning in 2003, the success of the SR30 led to additional engine development.  A turboshaft derivative, (PT50 turboshaft engine) was developed as part of the Army’s Future Combat Systems OAV-II program.  This multi-year, DARPA led, unmanned aerial vehicle effort entailed a very unique and autonomous approach to ISR missions and also helped establish additional ultra-modern, in-house engine design and development capabilities.

Our history includes successful contracts with the United States Naval Research Laboratory, the United States Air Force, Army, NASA, and counterparts around the globe.

Today, Kutrieb Research is taking a bold new step.  We’re currently in development of an advanced technology engine that will launch us into a larger engine size category and open up possibilities for new and exciting applications.

* Richard A. Leyes II and William A. Fleming. 1999. The History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines, A co-publication of the National Air and Space Museum and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.